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If you own a supermarket, you will need to take care of a lot of retail aspects. Therefore, you need something more than just a supermarket billing system. You need a complete solution which can manage your retail business and reduce your efforts in doing that.

Websys retail management system is all a present-day supermarket and grocery store needs. In addition to that, it can also handle the following shops efficiently.

Our prime focus is to add as many features as possible and keep the interface straightforward. That’s the reason you will find the application easy to use as it is created with the perspective to provide benefits to the maximum number of businesses.

In addition to the management of your business, you can also expand it. For that, we offer features that will allow you to learn the functioning of your business. Our reports will provide you with insight, what’s working and what’s not working for your business. This would help you make the correct decision.

Key Features of Websys
Key Features of Websys Grocery Store System

Reports for delivering business insight

Websys offers reports related to all your business attribute whether you talk about sales, purchase, return, stock, etc. helping businesses in decision making
customers grouping

Easy-to-use POS application

The POS application is loaded with a lot of elements. However, a high-grade user interface has managed to keep the utilization of POS along with its features facile.

Loyalty Program

Our loyalty program allows you to reward customers with points every time they make a purchase. Buyers can use those reward points on the next purchase
customers relationship management

Bulk messaging feature

Our bulk messaging feature supports businesses in reaching their numerous customers by framing a single message. This is useful when they need to deliver information to your buyers.

Inbuilt customer relationship management tool

Customer relationship management tool is an essential element from where a user can create coupons by assigning amount, and issue those coupons to customers.

GST calculator

Websys own a GST calculator, which can automatically calculate the GST amount for the period between the start and end date that you enter.

User access with restricted control

While adding a user, you can define its menu rights. According to the selected menu, his access level is decided.
track business

Employee Management

As employees will be given different menu rights, you can distribute work amongst them accordingly. Moreover, you can manage their monthly working days from the payroll menu option.
add users

Competent Inventory Management

There are multiple inventory management features such as stock analytics, checking stock in real-time, and adding all necessary features while adding a product.

Increase Sales and Reduce Costs

Get Websys to Make The Management Trouble-free!

All that WebSys
All that WebSystem Retail Management System Offers
electronic store pos system

The primary feature of a supermarket billing system and grocery billing software is efficient sales. The ability to conduct sales faster defines how many customers can be dealt with ease. Websys has performed its best by adding top-notch features, which will allow the cashier to conduct fast sales. Moreover, there are attributes which will enhance the functionality such as multiple payment methods, hold option, peripheral support, and much more that you can find here.

Retail Management System

A supermarket has numerous products. This makes tracking those products tough and important at the same time. Websys supermarket billing system and POS allows to directly adding the purchase order to purchase entry. For each product, you can track the cost price history. Websys even provide you with the facility to save invoice copy of physical purchase. There are many more features, and we have mentioned all here.

Retail Management System

For managing inventory, a supermarket billing software must have an inbuilt inventory management system. Our POS and billing machine for a supermarket can keep a check on all the inventory items from their purchase to sale. A shop owner can divide the products into categories, and those categories can be further divided into subcategories. This helps businesses to learn about category-wise sales of the products. To know more in detail about our inventory management features, go to our features page.

billing software for retail shop

Our supermarket billing software not only focuses on providing optimum management but also exponential growth. For growth, it is mandatory to have more and more customers. For having more and more customers, it is necessary to continuously benefit them. One way of doing it through Websys supermarket billing system is to provide customers with loyalty points. These points can be used to get discounts on the next purchase. With such an option, the customer will always prefer to shop from your store. You can know more about our CRM features here.

retail billing software

Pricing management is required when you need to set multiple prices for the same product. If you wish to provide items at a discounted price to your long term customers, Websys Pos and supermarket billing system will automatically do it.  You can set different pricings such as MRP, retail pricing, the price for a certain customer group, discounted price, etc. while adding the product to inventory.

pos systems for retail

Reports and business analytics is one of the best ways to grow your business by improving your decision making. If you are using traditional billing software, such features may not be available. That’s why to upgrade to Websys, which is full-fledged supermarket billing software. The reports and analytics we offer covers significant data related to all the business aspects. You can view a report in a summarized or detailed version depending upon the information you require. Moreover, to keep you updated with your business performance, you can choose to send an automated daily sales report through Websys. Have a look at all our reports.

user rights

You can secure your data by only allowing users to view features under specific modules. The chances of data theft are minimal as we have used secure .Net Technology and Microsoft SQL server database.

retail pos system

With Websys supermarket billing software, you can automate your accounting. All the transactions are stored, and accounting is conduct to generate the final output. Please check our features page for more detail.

Retail Management System

Our supermarket billing system not only takes care of your retail business but even taxation. While adding a product to inventory, you can add its tax amount to the system. Whenever the sale is made, the tax amount is separately recorded. The system automatically adds the tax amount to show the overall value. You can also choose to view the tax amount for a custom time interval.

retail pos

Websys offers to register for each and every transaction. You can view register for purchase return, purchase, sales, sales return, and many more aspects that you can check at our features pages.

store management software

With Websys, you can create as many companies as you want through a single account. For those companies, you can configure the access level, only allowing the required data to be passed to employees.

store management software

The user interface Websys supermarket billing system owns is one of the simplest you would have ever seen. The features are kept on the surface and are easily reachable to the cashier. Such a user interface even facilitates easy learning. Therefore, you won’t require putting much effort and time in training your staff members

Retail Management System support

Websys always deliver top-notch support to all its clients. Along with our grocery billing software, you get services for implementing and configuring Websys on your systems.  Further, we can even run a live tutorial for all your staff members to make you familiar with the application in no time. Even after the install, if you face any issue, you can reach us out anytime.

Websys mobile application

Websys Mobile Application is a powerful tool that no other grocery billing software provides. Our exclusive mobile app is connected to the retail POS system. Whenever sales, purchase, sales return, purchase return, etc. are made, the application notifies the user through mobile. You can even check the day’s earning in real-time and a lot more.

How our application will be helpful for you?

Websys provides a direct impact on reducing your costs. Because of automation, your dependency on resources will decrease. Features such as loyalty program and discounts available in grocery shop billing software reduce the marketing requirement and cost.

The application keeps your all transactions organized under different sections. From General ledger section, you can check your credit notes, debit notes, and get various tax reports letting you know about real-time financial situation of the company.

It will become easier to turn potential customers into long-lasting customers. As customers will get the benefit due to loyalty program and discounts, they will prefer your store above others.

Our POS can be connected to barcode scanners. This eliminates the need for manually adding a product. You can also connect to the weighing scale, and it will display the weight to the POS screen. This makes working efficient and reduces the time required to entertain a customer.

This is an exclusive feature offered by Websys. The feature allows us to encrypt the cost price of an item in the form of alphabets. This will help the employee to know the cost price without letting the customer knowing about it.