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Electronics stores are often crowded with customers having different demands. Further, it isn’t easy to manage the inventory, as every product requires specific tracking. For that reason, Websys bring you an electronic Store POS point of sale system- WRMS (Websys Retail Management System).

Using Websys RMS, you can cater to multiple customers at the same time. Your cashier can even help them to search for the required products.

Our retail management software will also make sure you know exactly which products your electronic shop has sold. It even has features to improve customer engagement. Overall, Websys RMS is all you need to maintain and grow your business.
Key Features of Websys

Retail Management system


Proficient Inventory Management

Add an item, assign it to an item category, and even segment in multiple departments.
customers grouping

Add Employees with Different Job Role

You can add employees with different accessibility levels by setting menu rights.

Customer Grouping and Retargeting

You can create customer groups for your home appliances shop and retarget them by giving special discounts.
customers relationship management

Track Product Movement Accurately

WRMS for electronic store provides stock analytics reports letting you know about product movement.

Get Purchase and Selling insight

Get in-depth purchase and selling insight for your accessories store. You can check the insight for specific brands, categories, departments, etc.

Reach mass with Bulk SMS Feature

Generate bulk SMSs according to pre-defined groups to make the new groups. Wish buyers on birthdays and anniversaries.
track business

Create Organization Structure

You can create a head office as well as branch offices/stores for your accessories shop.

GST Filing

Calculate the total GST amount through our application in the easiest possible way.
add users

Proven Loyalty Program

Attract customers and bring them back again and again to your shop using our loyalty program

Manage your Electronic Shop with Ease

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All that WebSys

All That Websys Retail Management Software Offers

retail billing software

Conducting sales easily, quickly, and efficiently is essential. The cashier must be able to attend a lot many customers in less time. For that reason, we have added well-defined features to our electronic store point of sale. These features allow the cashier to conduct faster sales. Not only sales, but when there is a returned item, the electronic store POS can take care of that too.

Through our electronic store POS, you can utilize different sales-related features such as edit, delete, change the price of an item, etc. You can even hold a transaction while conducting another transaction. This avoids the formation of a long queue in your electronic store. There are many more sales related features which you can check here.

electronic store pos system

While making a purchase, you can track the history of cost price through our retail billing software. The POS system for retail gives functionality to save physical purchase invoice copy.

You can even import the list of all purchased products to Websys electronic point of sale system for retail by uploading a CSV file. When you need to return an item to the vendor, it can be tracked through our purchase return management tool. To know more about our purchase, click here.

Efficient inventory management is essential while running an electronic store. With our electronic point of sales system, we give the option to segment the products under different categories. This segment can be further segmented. Consider that first segment of the products as per the brand. Then, for every brand, you can do segmentation according to the product type.

For every product you add to electronic store POS, you can do physical store verification. This way, you will be able to exclusively track each and every product. For knowing more about our inventory management feature, check the features page.

billing software for retail shop

Websys store management software is loaded with numerous customer retention features. You can create a loyalty program through our electronic POS, where customers will earn reward points every time they shop from your store. You can decide the number of points they earn on each purchase as per the purchase amount.

Further, you can use our electronic POS system for bulk messaging. The inbuilt bulk messaging feature allows retargeting customers by creating groups based upon their location, likings, etc.

You can even generate promotions using our electronic point of sale software. Therefore, Websys acts as a strong tool for growing your business by attracting customers.

pos systems for retail

Our application takes care of the pricing of different products that you keep in your electronic store. Through Websys electronic store POS, you can manage the price of multiple products. While adding the product, you can set their price, MRP, retail price, wholesales price, etc. Further, there is an option to set an exclusive price for exclusive customers. This feature is helpful in earning loyal customers.

Retail Management System

Reports and business analytics are powerful ways to grow your business by making the correct decision. Websys retail billing software owns reports for all your business aspects. You can even receive a daily report through Whatsapp.

In case of other reports related to suppliers, agent performance, customer details, preference of brand, customer, department, etc. you can view the detailed as well as summary reports.

Moreover, you get the option to go through reports for keeping a check on the expiry date and low stock.  There are even reports in electronic store POS which you can use to track the outstanding amount- the amount you need to pay and then amount you need to receive. Please go through our features page where you can view the list of all our reports.

retail pos

Websys offers to register for each and every transaction with summary and detailed report options. In Websys electronic point of sale system, there are a number of registers which store data related to different aspects of your business. Whenever you need to study your business performance or keep a check on transactions, you can view the information through registers. The list of registers is provided here.

user rights

For an electronic point of sale system, data security is one of the most vital requirements. There is information related to your business finances, customer data, vendor data, etc. which must be kept secure. Therefore, we have used Microsoft .Net Technology and Microsoft SQL Server database to provide you with optimum security.

retail pos system

There are many applications that provide optimum retail management features. However, they lack accounting. In that case, you need to rely on other accounting software. However, Websys electronic point of sale system has removed its requirement by providing inbuilt accounting features. You can conduct accounting and track all your transactions through Websys. This reduces your costs of buying additional software. Also, you save the time required for exporting the data from retail software and then importing it back to your accounting app.

Retail Management System

In addition to accounting, you can also handle taxation through Websys electronic point of sale system. The application offers a GST calculator where the tax amount can automatically be calculated by adding the period. You can even add the tax amount to each product while adding them to inventory. Based on transactions, Websys electronic store POS generates a report where you conduct the tax analysis.

store management software

Websys electronic point of sales system lets one create multiple companies. For those multiple companies, you can assign different employees. Employees of one company can be restricted from viewing the data of that company only. This avoids the sharing of data to employees, which is irrelevant to them.

store management software

The application can be learned quickly by exploring each menu one by one. We have kept the menu options separate in accordance with different business aspects. Your cashier will be able to efficiently conduct transactions at a fast pace with our electronic store POS.

Retail Management System support

Websys provide you with a premium support system that helps your business whenever they face any issue while conducting retail operations. We conduct implementation and configuration for all your systems so that you can get started with our electronic POS system.

How our application will be helpful for you?

By placing all your retail operations on one platform, it will become straightforward to handle the electronic shop.

With customer retention features such as running a loyalty program, offering discounts, and implementing promotions, your electronic store will experience growth in the customer base as these features will help you  attract customers.

All your books of accounts will be kept updated by efficient following the sales and other accounting aspects. Till will reduce your efforts and time in conducting transactions.

It will reduce your cost by eliminating the need for additional inventory management and accounting applications.

The application provides multiple reports which you can use to know how your business is functioning and how to improve it.