Restaurant Billing Software

An extensive Restaurant Management Application is the need of the hour. There are many applications in the market, but most of them are incapable of delivering proficient restaurant management. Websys Restaurant Billing Software is loaded with attributes that will take your restaurant business on the new peaks.

Whether it is a Dine In or Take away restaurant, our application is suitable for all. It is even useful for Bar Shops.

Websys takes care of all needs, whether you talk about bringing new customers or retargeting the old ones. Our application will also take care of your inventory by tracking the movement of products.

Moreover, we have options that you can utilize to track your transactions. Overall purchase of raw material and sales of dishes, food items, & drinks can be tracked using our software.

Our POS system for restaurants is not just a restaurant billing software. It allows a cashier to conduct transactions efficiently and quickly. Therefore, when your restaurant is crowded with customers, you won’t find a queue at the billing counter.

Further, the application provides you with reports that will help you to understand the progress path of your business and make decisions accordingly.

Key Features of Websys

Key Features of Websys Retail Management system


Easily Retain Your Customers

Through our application, you can run discounts for your dishes, give combo offers, and provide loyalty points to every customer who visits the restaurant.
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Payroll Processing for Restaurant Staff

You can track the working days of your employees and make the payment accordingly. You can even keep the commission record and advance payment details.

Bulk SMS to Reach Numerous Customers

Reach out all your customers by sending a message in bulk. You can even send messages to buyers having their birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special occasion.
customers relationship management

Easy to use POS System

The POS system we offer can be learned quickly by any staff member. All a cashier needs to do is add the product, check total amount, and print the bill.

Reports related to all your Business Aspects

You can find reports related to purchasing, sales, stock, etc. These reports will let you know about the functioning of your business.

Make Sure your Inventory is always loaded

You can keep track of your inventory products through the Dashboard. When the stock goes down, the application will display it precisely.

Takes Care of your GST filing

With just a single click, our restaurant management system will calculate GST for you. All you need to do is to select the period for which you want to calculate the amount.
track business

Generate Coupons for Customers

Customer Relationship Management allows restaurants to create coupons by just adding the coupon number and its cost.
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Keep your Books of Accounts up-to-date

You can track various transactions, generate account statements & balance sheets, and even conduct bank reconciliation.

Dine-In or Take-Away Restaurants!

Websys Restaurant Management System will digest away your management efforts.

All that WebSys

Retail Management System Offers

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For restaurants, there is a minimal number of features required for conducting sales for which Websys restaurant billing software is good enough. You don’t need to directly deal with customers here. The main aim for developing this billing software for restaurant is to deliver ease to ground level staff while they conduct the transactions. However, you can know all our sales features here.

Retail Management System

In case of purchase, restaurants have unique requirements, such as adding the list of ingredients instead of products. However, Websys café management system has a production module that is the perfect fit for restaurants. To know more about Websys purchase features, click here.

Retail Management System

On Websys, you can store the ingredients as inventory items. Moreover, you can add the characteristics of each item and signify their expiry date. This way, our restaurant POS system helps restaurants to minimize food wastage. They can prioritize the use of ingredients before they get expired. They are many more features about which you can know here.

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What if your customers pay lesser than they need to? That will surely attract them to revisit your restaurant. Websys restaurant billing software offers loyalty points, which eventually decrease the total billing cost. On each purchase, customers earn points which they use on the next visit. Therefore, this guarantees recurring visitors to your restaurant. Give a look at more of our CRM features.

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Reports and business analytic can directly favor your restaurant business to make the correct decisions. By going through the reports, the restaurant POS system lets you know which are your regular customers, which dishes are most famous amongst the customers, which ingredients are used the most, etc. There is much more than this that you can know using our reports, just check this out.

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Our restaurant management system contains a number of registers, each showing details of different aspects. You can go through each register to know the specific details related to sales, purchase, etc. Some of the registers may not be in function, such as sales return, as there is no possibility of returning items to restaurants. However, you can still go through the complete list of registers here.

user rights

With Websys retail billing software, you get the option to confine the data sharing amongst the employees. The data sharing can be done on a need to know basis, which would help the business owner to avoid data leakage such as information about customer details, total earning, etc. You can check more security features through our features page.

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Accounting is necessary for restaurants. However, consider a situation where you need to export the data from your restaurant billing software and again need to upload it to your restaurant accounting software. This process is time-consuming and tedious. Therefore, to solve this issue, Websys included the accounting features in the restaurant billing software. Now, you can conduct accounting and manage your restaurants from the same application. Click here to know all our accounting features.

Retail Management System

Websys, café management system, calculates the tax amount on each order automatically. You can assign the tax amount on each dish, and those amounts add up to show the total tax amount on a bill. The tax details are stored in the tax analysis report. Websys has an inbuilt GST calculator. You can select the period, and for that period, the GST amount will be calculated and shown.

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When you own multiple restaurants, you won’t need to get purchase multiple café management systems. Websys allow utilizing all restaurants through a single account. Further, you can assign different employees to each of your restaurants with limited data sharing and well-defined user rights.

store management software

The primary aim of making the user interface of restaurant billing software simpler is to reduce the time and effort required in learning the application. The cashier can learn how to conduct basic operations within no time. Furthermore, if he requires visiting the back-office features, he can easily explore all due to the smart bifurcation of features under different modules.

Retail Management System support

After you get Websys café management system to all your cafes and restaurants, we do the implementation and configuration for all outlets as per their specific requirements. After competition of installation and configuration, we give a detailed video tutorial to all your staff members by selecting a convenient time. In case if our retail billing software shows any issue in the future or you require us to change the configuration, our support team will be ready to serve you.

Websys mobile application

Websys mobile application is an integrated part of our café management system. Using the mobile app, you can check everyday sales and orders completed in your restaurant. You can also check the total earning in real-time with all the transaction records.

Keep a check on Stock from DashboardHow our application will be helpful for you?

Websys cafe management system is helpful for eateries that are looking for an inexpensive solution that can manage their restaurant processes effectively.

All the data you generate, such as records of people associated with your restaurant, transactions, stock items, etc. are kept organized, making it easy to find one when required.

Our business status readily displays the key takeaways, which are sales, purchase, bank status, outstanding payment, and stock present. This will brief you about functioning of your business from anywhere.

The dashboard gives you the list of payables and receivables along with the account name and net ledger. The feature acts as a constant reminder about making/collecting the outstanding payment.

With our application features, you will not only be able to retain the present customers but also attract the new ones. You can provide personalized discounts and offers to every buyer.