Get recurring shares for the lifetime worth of each client and append revenue- generating growth ways to your business

The Path To Empower The Retail Market and Earn from your relationships Is Here!

Why become a Solution Partner (PARTNERSHIP BENEFITS)

Get onboard the Websys Assured Returns Partner Program (ARPP) as a Solution Partner and scale in the collaborative ecosystem to enrich the customer experience.

Partner at Zero Cost

Becoming a Websys Solution Partner comes at no cost at all. Installation, Implementation, Functional Support , and a demo account- all for free. Driving customers for life couldn’t be easier.

Enhance Revenue Channels

Start with Websys Infotech and the top-notch Marketplace as you receive monthly-paid sales commissions and stimulated commissions on target achievement, implementations, and customizations. Manage your revenue share to reinvest into your business.

Expand Your Total Market Demand

Websys multi-product offerings work seamlessly and assist you to allow solutions over industries and teams. Expand your total addressable market and be a one-stop solution for a customer’s business software for every industry niche.

Leverage Value Migration

Stay ahead of the game with Websys products that are ready to go, effortless to expand, and offer excellent value to any business.

Collaborate with a Dedicated Partner Team

Get full-time support from our partner team. Flourish and increase in the ecosystem via training and enablement. Our support team gives free assistance for partners and clients.

Our multi-tier Assured Returns Partner Program (ARPP)—split into Solutions, Sales, and referral partners grants you numerous opportunities and incentives depending on the tier. As you progress in the partnership, so do the advantages.

Here’s a quick review of each tier and what you can expect:

Solution Partner
Identify & Implement
Sales Partner
Identify & Install
Referral Partner
Just Identify
Client Refer
Client Meeting and Demo
Functional Support
Technical Support Websys Websys Websys
Partner Revenue 30% 20% 15%

3 Partnership Levels to Suit Your Business (ABOUT PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM)

Solution Partners:

Our Company level partnership to determine key pain features in the ERP ecosystem. Includes deep collaboration involving technical integration to secure a strong end to end-stage for our customers. Unlock access to:

● 30% revenue share (one year of commission)
● Good visibility as an Accredited partner in Websys directory
● Client Meeting and Demo
● Dedicated product installation & implementation support
● Access to advanced partner-only certifications
● Opportunity to gain additional benefits as your business progresses through the program.
Sales Partners:

Become our sales partner and ensure 20% revenue on every client onboarded. This program enables our higher reach focused on supply chain solutions and provides you various benefits.

Unlock access to:
● 20% revenue share (one year of commission)
● Resources and content to assist you in selling, marketing, and delivering services
● Potential Business opportunities as a result of a long-term partnership
● Client Meeting and Demo
Referral Partners:

Simply refer clients using a customized URL and earn 15% partner revenue from every deal closed.

Partner with us

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

For more information about Websys partnership program, get answers to some general questions here:

If you are an authorized business with a website and want to apply to become a partner, please fill out the Websys partnership form. Our onboarding team members will examine your application and reach out to you via mail.

Yes, after approval, each Partner must sign an agreement to join the Websys Partner Program.

No, there is no membership charge. You can become partners at zero cost.

Websys Infotech offers you one of the most user-friendly and compliant software solutions for multiple sectors. From small startups to large-scale enterprises meeting diverse industry needs, Software vendors, and implementers can partner with us to enjoy lifetime benefits and get us business opportunities.

To be listed in the Websys partner directory you required to become a Solution Partner.

Reach out to us at for any queries on partner program.