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Retail billing software for Hardware Shop

Billing Software for Hardware Store


Retail billing software has now taken the place of the traditional way of generating bills. However, Websys has more to offer than just billing software for a retail shop. Our POS system for retail stores, along with the back-office, is loaded with features. It is a complete hardware store management software.

The retail POS system offers an immense number of features that help a cashier to conduct transactions at a faster pace. Even the interface of the application is user friendly, which allows one to understand and use it easily.

Websys store management system can cater to the needs of the below-mentioned stores efficiently.

Besides these stores, it can work on all stores which are related to retail business. The back-office is developed to cater to all fields of retail.

The application allows a systematic arrangement of the organization by creating a head office account and branch accounts.

Moreover, you can get started by adding the company details, along with information about resources such as salesmen, employees, and workers.

It is not a retail billing software but an application dedicated to full-fledged management and growth of your store.

Key Features of Websys

Key Features of Websys Retail Management system


Pay Employees with Inbuilt Payroll Processing

You can do the salary posting using the Websys Payroll feature. One can even track the advanced cash payment made to the employee. Further, the application maintains the payroll register and creates a report for getting insight.
customers grouping

Add all items characteristics

While adding an item, you get the opportunity to add its category, brand, department, color, size, style, item type, and design number. You can also add the product’s unit and HSN code.

Keep details of all your transaction

Websys saves all the required details, which can be useful for you. From Business Management option, you can find Good Service Notes, Purchases, Retail Sales, Tax Invoice, Sales Challans, and Whole Sales.
customers relationship management

GST Calculator

On the dashboard itself, GST menu is available from where you can set item HSN code, and calculate POS GST.

Comprehensive Reports

Reports related to all business attributes such as sales, purchase, stock analytics, and profit are available on Websys.

Production Module

Add workers, process, the number of items, and assign a job to anyone. This Module is useful when you want to direct a process.

Customer Relationship Management

This feature allows a user to generate item wise discount, and you can also create and issue coupons to customers using our CRM.
track business

Loyalty Program to get long-lasting customers

Reward your customers with points which can be redeemed as a discount on the total price when they make the next purchase.
add users

Bulk SMS feature for retargeting

Create a message and target a customer group. Using this feature, you can reach them out whenever there is a new product launch or sale.

It’s not Hard to Handle Ware,

When you use Websys RMS for Hardware!

All that WebSys

All that WebSystem Retail Management System Offers

electronic store pos system

Conducting efficient sales is one of the primary needs while using retail billing software. With our POS system for retail, you get a high-grade sales feature. While conducting a transaction, you can allow customers to make payments through multiple payment options, even for one transaction. You can even collect their information and many other features which you can check here.

Retail Management System

Websys is an application that can track your purchase too, in addition to retail billing software. You get features where you can track each purchased item exclusively. In case you purchase an item multiple times, you can track its complete cost price history. You can even add the MRP, discount price, and the extra discount price at the time of purchase entry. There is more to explore here.

Retail Management System

Usually, a retail billing software doesn’t come with inventory management. However, our Websys is more than just billing software for retail shop. It is a full-fledged retail POS having advanced level inventory management features. While adding an item to inventory, you can add all its details, including the tax amount, image, etc. Further, inventory items can be segmented into multiple levels. There are many more features, such as…

billing software for retail shop

Customer retention features are necessary in addition to retail billing software. Our hardware POS has features that will take care of all your needs to grow the user base. Using our application, you can generate loyalty points that you can give customers according to their purchase amount. Also, for customer retention, you can feature such as the option to send bulk messages for retargeting, informing, discounts, etc. There is more you can discover here.

retail billing software

Pricing management is a mandatory feature of the POS system for retail. Using our pricing management, you can define the pricing at multiple levels. While adding a product to inventory, hardware POS allows the addition of MRP, retail price, and price for wholesales. The cashier can implement the pricing based upon the situation. Moreover, you can add price targeting exclusive customers through Websys store management software.

pos systems for retail

Reports and Analytics are essential for improving your retail operations. Our hardware POS is more than just a retail billing software that showcases the data you can use to identify what is working for your retail business and what’s not. Websys can send you automated daily reports through Whatsapp regarding the performance of your business. Moreover, you can browse the reports in a summary view or detailed view. There are a number of reports offered by Websys, and you can explore all of them by going through our features page.

retail pos

Our store management software contains a number of registers where information regarding various business aspects is stored. The register contains the sales data, purchase data, return data, and whatnot. By going through retail Pos system registers, you can get the entire information of your business. Here is the list of all the registers we offer.

user rights

While using conventional retail billing software, you don’t get the option to adjust the user rights. Therefore, a cashier or any employee is able to view all the information and may misuse them. To secure your data, we offer the option to allow the users to set user rights through our POS system for hardware store, which only shares the data as per the requirement. Further, for securing your data from external threats, we have used secure Microsoft .Net Technology and Microsoft SQL server database.

retail pos system

Generally, retail billing software or retail POS do not offer accounting. The major disadvantage of such shop management systems is the requirement of additional accounting software. However, Websys takes care of all the accounting you perform. It can keep track of credit notes and debit notes. The POS system for retail can even generate profit & loss statement balance sheet and more that you can check here.

Retail Management System

Websys POS system for retail has a complete taxation solution for you. While uploading a product to the inventory, you can include its tax information along with the other product details. Moreover, Websys generates tax analytics reports for your ease and understanding. You can even calculate the total GST amount for your hardware store by using Websys inbuilt GST calculator.

store management software

You can manage multiple companies with a single account, and the user rights can be applied to all of the companies. One can even transfer a product from one company to another with just a few steps.

store management software

Our POS system for hardware stores is easy to use application having a straightforward user interface that is not available in most of the retail billing software. We have bifurcated the features under multiple menu options, which make it effortless to find the required feature.

Retail Management System support

Websys hardware POS comes with implementation and configuration service for all your systems. We even conduct staff training and be there for you whenever an issue appears.

Websys mobile application

Websys Mobile POS system is an efficient tool to keep track of your business activities. You can easily go through all your transactions and check them in real-time.

How billing software for hardware shop will be useful to you

With our POS application, a cashier can conduct transaction smoothly and quickly owning to its smart state of the art technology

Features such as loyalty program and discounts are offered to attract customers. Smartly set the value of loyalty points and earn customers who will always choose your shop for their requirements.

Check out item wise sales and know which of the products are sold the most and which ones are least wanted. Make your purchase decision on that basis.

Websys allows a user to check different aspects of his retail business in real-time. From the business status option, you can check the incoming amount and level of outgoing stock.

Websys store management software offers high functionality by allowing one to setup parameters related to Barcode, Purchase, Sales, Admin, and E-way Bills. You can also alter the Global parameters. This will help to keep all stores function as per the defined control.