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Our POS system for clothing store and footwear store acts as an efficient tool by which shop owners can manage their business with lesser efforts and have more gains.

The Websys retail management system, along with POS and back-office, offers apparel and shoe store inventory management too. Therefore, it handles not only customers but also the inventory.

Overall, if you own any of the below-mentioned shops, our retail management software is useful for you.

You can also use Websys Retail Software for attracting new customers and retaining the old ones. This is how you grow your userbase, and a improvement in sales can be seen.

To track the sales, we have provided you with sales-related reports that will let you know how much your business has grown in how much time.

Moreover, using our POS system for retail clothing shop, your cashier can even handle a lot of customers with ease. Try out Websys ERP and its features to make sure the application is for you.

Key Features of Websys

Retail Management system


Calculate Your GST Accurately

Calculating GST manually can lead to errors. Also, for calculating GST through another application, you will need to export data. We eliminate these tiresome processes by allowing you to calculate GST from Websys inbuilt GST calculator.
customers grouping

Customer Grouping and retargeting

You can segment all your customers into different groups as per their location, choice of items, etc. and then frame a single message to send them all using our bulk SMS feature

Keep a close eye on Inventory movement

You can check the items left in inventory through the stock section of our Garment Shop Billing Software. Whenever items quantity goes down, you can add them from the Business Management section.
customers relationship management

Customer Relationship Management tools

Customer Relationship Management allows giving personalized discounts to users, which helps to strengthen the customer-business bond.

Get loyal customers for your store

Using a loyalty program, it is possible to reward customers with points. You can decide the number of points they obtain according to the purchase amount and also choose the monetary value of each point.

Payroll Features

Under the payroll menu, you can keep all the details of the salaries of your employees, track the advance payment made to them, and keep a record of their working days.

Production Module

You need to add workers, define the process, and product item ratio. After that, you can assign the job to workers and check the finished job work. The inquiry option lets you check the unfinished work.
track business

Track your business from your pocket

You can run Websys Retail Management Software from the desktop as well as mobile devices. This allows a user to check the necessary attributes from anywhere by just opening the application on phone.
add users

Add users with different access levels

You can add an employee through the Organization menu. While adding him, you can choose what all menu options he can access. This gives you the possibility of limited data sharing.

Increment in Sales with Reduction in Costs

Websys is the ideal Retail Management System for You

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All that WebSys

Retail Management System Offers

electronic store pos system

Websys POS system for clothing store efficiently conducts the sales. The cashier just needs to add the product by scanning the barcode using the barcode scanner. Further, he can instantly generate sales using clothing POS. You can check more of our sales feature here.

Retail Management System

Whenever you make a purchase through clothing software, it must have efficient purchase tracking features. Our POS system for clothing store allows tracking the cost price for all the apparel and footwear. You can even import the purchase data using the CSV file. Have a look at more purchase features.

Retail Management System

With advanced-level clothing and shoe store inventory management, all your products will be managed with ease. For making the management facile, Websys lets you create multiple categories of products. These categories can be further sub-divided. They are many more inventory management features which you can discover here.

billing software for retail shop

Websys offers a lot many features related to customer retention. We not only aim to provide you with top-notch management but also help your business to grow your features by using the POS system for clothing store efficiently. Overall, Websys POS for clothing store is a complete package to bring more and more customers.

retail billing software

You don’t need to keep the price the same for all customers. The customer data and history are stored in clothing and footwear POS. Based on a customer’s history, you can alter the price of an item and even provided a targeted discount.

While making a purchase entry through the POS system for retail clothing store, you can set different prices of different customer groups. You can define the MRP, retail price, and wholesale price for all the items.

pos systems for retail

Reports and analytics are an essential part of the POS system for clothing store. Websys provides you with deep insight regarding every aspect of your retail business. Moreover, you get the option to check the summary as well as detailed reports. Click here to go through the complete list of reports that you get in Websys.

retail pos

Websys POS system for retail clothing store keeps records of each transaction in the register where you can check the details in summary or detailed view. You can even select the specific period for which you wish to view the register. There are multiple registers offered by Websys, and here is the list.

user rights

Data security is one of the primary points which we took into consideration while developing Websys. The application is developed using Microsoft .Net Technology and Microsoft SQL server database assuring high-grade technology.

retail pos system

Websys POS system for clothing store takes care of your accounting needs too. Therefore, you won’t need to rely on additional software for accounting needs. Go through all the accounting features Websys offers.

Retail Management System

Calculating the tax amount is a tedious tax. Even if you own software for that, you need to import all your data to that software. This won’t make things easier. However, Websys has found the best way to calculate tax for you by integrating GST calculator in its POS system for clothing store. Click here to check all the tax-related features.

store management software

Even if you own multiple apparels and footwear companies, Websys can still efficiently handle it. You can define different user rights for those companies. Therefore, you can limit the viewing of company details by only allowing relevant employees to go through it.

There is even an option in our POS system for clothing store to transfer products from one company to another. This makes Websys a proficient multi-store clothing POS system.

store management software

We have made sure that Websys POS system for clothing store is easy-to-learn and easy-to-use for management as well as ground-level-staff. The clothing store POS has a simple user interface, and all the features are smartly bifurcated. This gives a user an opportunity to explore and learn the application without making much effort.

Retail Management System support

After the purchase of Websys Pos system for clothing store, you can expect us to install and configure it on your device. Further, we even provide your staff with thorough training and resolve all their doubts. We will be available on call whenever you have a doubt, any additional requirement, or an issue.

Websys mobile application

It will not be possible for the store owners to track their store sales every time by using the desktop application. For their benefit, we have introduced Websys mobile device.

The desktop and mobile device are connected through real-time synchronization. Therefore, whenever a sale occurs, it will get reflected on the device instantly. This will help to keep store owners keep an eye on the functioning of the store.

How our application will be helpful for you?

All the data about customer details to transaction history, and general ledger to in-depth reports, everything can be recorded and stored on Websys Clothing Store Management Software. You can use this data while retargeting the clients or while sending them offers.

All you need to do is to set the loyalty program using our footwear store POS software, give away coupons, and add discounts smartly. Considering the monetary benefits, customers will get attracted for sure.

Encrypt a product’s cost price as alphabets using our apparel store OPS software. Only your employees will know the cost price, and the code remains meaningless for customers. This will help when you need to provide a discount but also want to make a suitable profit.

The ‘Reports’ is an essential requirement for any retail management software. Based on our reports, you will be able to know the working of your business elements and how to improve them.

With Websys clothing store POS Software, you can keep a close eye on inventory. For that, you can choose the Stock option present on the dashboard, check transaction details, or study stock related reports. This will help you know whenever inventory level goes down.



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