SMS Solution

Reaching out to multiple individuals for promoting your service, providing information, retargeting, etc. is not easier. It may consume time if you communicate them one by one. Therefore, you can use the Websys SMS solution to reach customers in one go.

Our SMS solution allows a user to create a single SMS, and choose to send it to a mobile number or whole group at once. You can also upload a CSV file containing contacts to whom you want to send the message. Let’s have a broader look at all the services of our SMS Solution.


SMS Solution Services

Promotional SMS

Using Websys SMS solution, you can send promotional messages such as offers, sales, advertisements, new launches, etc. to a particular group of people in one go.

Transactional SMS

Whenever you need to reach out to a lot many users with some information, you can take the benefit of our transactional SMS service.

Scheduled SMS

It is not necessary to send messages instantly. You can send a message by scheduling it for a particular date and time.

Bulk SMS

When there are numerous users, sending a message to everyone one by one is not possible. Using Websys, you can reach them out in one go by selecting the contacts in bulk.

Voice SMS

Websys allows you to communicate with multiple users by recording the voice and sending it after selecting the contacts.

Digital Message

SMS is an offline option to communicate with people. However, Websys offers more than that. Using our platform, you can even reach out to people in bulk by messaging them on widely used digital platforms.


V Card option comes with pre-defined fields that you need to fill to create a message. Using VCard, you can share your personal information such as name, number, and email to your customers in one go.

Picture SMS

Picture SMS allows our users to attach images to the message and distribute it amongst a large number of people by adding all the contacts at one time.

Websys made Reaching Out Customers Easier than Ever

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Features of

Websys SMS solution

  • With Websys SMS Solution, you can track the delivery reports of all the messages along with the essential information such as the sender’s ID, message content, route, etc.
  • You can also export the list of messages sent through the solution between a specific start and end date.
  • Websys also saves SMS logs on the web which you can use for tracking the sent messages
  • Design a template by adding its type, route, message type, content, and company name.
  • These templates will be securely saved on the web. Whenever you need to send a message, you just need to select a relevant template and customize it as per your message.
  • It is the phonebook option, where you need to add the contacts. Besides the name and number, you can also add the email, city, ZIP, etc. While adding a contact, you can directly assign it to a group.
  • If you do not wish to add a contact one by one, the best way to do it is by CSV file option. We allow you to download the sample CSV file and add the information to it. After that, you can upload it to Websys.
  • If you want to create a new group, you just need to add the name. It will be added to the Groups window.
  • Websys allows adding multiple sender IDs. This gives you the opportunity to let multiple people managing the messaging.
  • After adding the ID, the admin needs to approve of it.
Benefits of

Websys SMS Solutions

  • A cost-effective solution allows sending maximum messages with minimum cost.
  • Ability to add multiple users through one account.
  • Option to create groups so that you can send messages to the targeted audience.
  • Bulk uploading of contacts to lessen down the efforts.
  • It allows sending image messages as well as Unicode messages.
  • Websys Offers reports for keeping track of the delivery of messages.