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billing software for cloth shop

Websys Retail Management Software is more than just billing software for retail cloth shop. This is full-fledged retail shop software that can not only manage the current business but also help to expand it.

Websys focuses on all kinds of lifestyle and fashion store. Whatever retail business you have our application can fulfill your requirements in the most advantageous way.

Our application is the best management partner of all the above-mentioned retail businesses.

Talking about management the POS system is efficient enough to manage a whole lot of customers quickly. The cashier can conduct transactions fast which is even suitable for customer experience. Further Websys also take care of your accounting requirements by keeping all the accounting data well-organized.

Talking about growth, there are features such as CRM, loyalty program, etc. which will help your customers to grow the customer base. You can also check the reports to take your business in the right direction. Check out what all Websys owns.

Key Features of Websys

Key Features of Websys Retail Management system


Comprehensive Dashboard

Such comprehensive dashboard is not available in traditional billing software for retail cloth shop. The dashboard we own segments all features under different sections. You can check stock, business status, outstanding payment, and whatnot.
customers grouping

POS with state of the art design

The POS is designed to have a gentle learning curve. Your cashier or any ground-level staff can easily use it. Further, it has a smart search tool that you can use to find a product from the inventory.

CRM- Gain engagement

With Customer Relationship Management, you can generate customer-wise discounts. This helps to gain engagement without losing much profit. Further, you can also create and issue coupons by adding the coupon amount.
customers relationship management

Bulk SMS- Retarget customers

Bulk SMS is an exclusive feature of the Websys Retail Management system. It allows you to frame a message and send it to all customers in a customer group in one go.

Production module

Using the production module, you can define jobs, add item quantity, and assign the job to workers. Further, you can track the job progress and checked the unfinished jobs through the register.

Payroll options

Keep the record of salaries of all your employees and keep knowledge of advance cash payment made. You can also check the working days for which employees were present and pay accordingly.

Tight inventory control

With Websys, you can have a close eye on the inventory and know all about the product movement. Whenever the inventory level goes down, you can easily make the purchase again.
track business

Reports for better growth

Our application offers reports related to all aspects of your retail business. These reports are based upon the trends and patterns which can help you to make the correct decision.
add users

GST Calculator

From the GST option, you just need to add the period by entering the start and end date. After that, Websys will automatically calculate the GST amount accurately and error-free.

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All that WebSys

All that WebSystem Retail Management System Offers

electronic store pos system

Websys is more than just billing software for retail cloth shop. In addition to the necessary sales feature, Websys targets providing the premium sales attribute. Our retail shop software allows the salesperson to conduct a transaction in minimal time. This saves customers from standing in long queues. There are many more sales related features present in Websys which you can check here.

Retail Management System

Adding a purchased item to fashion retail management software was never too easier. Usually, fashion and lifestyle store experiences a lot of purchases continuously. Therefore, one cannot compromise with the purchase features. Websys has taken care of all your requirements. You can even keep an entry for an item that you have returned. Follow the link to check the other features.

Retail Management System

Websys is retail management software with optimum inventory management features. From adding an inventory item to its sale, the items, each movement is tracked. The inventory management lets a user perform a division of products into multiple groups according to their brands, colors, style, etc. Further, the fashion software automatically notifies a user when the inventory level goes down. You can find other salient features here.

billing software for retail shop

Retaining a customer is necessary to grow your business. It highly depends upon the fact that what benefits he receives by doing shopping from your store. You can maintain a healthy relationship with your customers by greeting them on their special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. There are other customer retention features too, which you can find here.

retail billing software

Discounts, MRP, retail price, wholesale price, etc., you can add all while adding the product on our billing software for retail cloth shop. Our retail shop software even offers the opportunity to target customers by offering them an exclusive price for the products.

pos systems for retail

Websys has made tremendous efforts to include all possible reports to its fashion retail management software. The reports can be generated for a specific period in summary or detailed format. You can get the reports containing information of people associated with your business, reports related to inventory, payment related reports, and accounting reports. You can even choose to receive a daily sales report automatically on Whatsapp. Click here to explore all its reports in detail.

POS for clothing store

It is definitely not a good idea to provide access to all the information to all your employees. Therefore, for the sake of data security, billing software for retail cloth shops must provide flexibility in delivering user rights. Websys takes care of his requirement by permitting the client to define what exactly their employees can access. Moreover, to keep the data safe from the data breach, we have used .Net Technology and Microsoft SQL server database.

retail pos

Fashion retail management highly depends on the registers because registers are the source of vital information. We offer registers related to every aspect of your lifestyle and fashion store. To check the complete list of registers, click here.

retail pos system

Websys has completely automated the financial accounting by automatically updating the ledger and generating balance sheet, profit and loss statement, etc. There are advanced-level financial accounting features whose list is provided on our features page.

Retail Management System

You won’t need to worry about conducting the tax calculation for all your retail transactions. Our retail shop software stores the amount of details, including the tax data for each transaction. The tax amount is added and automatically appears on the GST calculator. You can check the tax information for the customer period. Further, you can get in-depth insight through our tax analysis report.

store management software

With Websys fashion retail management software, you can create multiple companies. For those companies, you can assign exclusive user rights by only allowing employees of those companies to view the data.

store management software

Billing software for retail cloth shop must have an interface that is easy for ground-level staff to use. The Websys is exactly the one which is an answer to this requirement. Websys has an interface bifurcated into different modules. This makes it easier for back-office staff as well as cashiers to find out the required feature. Further, simple fashion software facilitates fast transactions.

Retail Management System support

Trustworthy support is necessary while using a retail POS system. You never know when an issue may arise. Websys knows the degree of degree of seriousness, and thus, provides premium support to its every client. When you purchase our POS system, we offer you with the implementation and configuration service along with it. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about installing and getting started with the application. We even make sure to provide training to your staff members so that they can perform professional fashion retail management.

Websys mobile application

Websys billing software for retail cloth shops comes with a mobile application too. The mobile application helps the business owner to get real-time business insight. Whenever a transaction takes place from retail shop software, it will get reflected on your mobile device.

How our application will be helpful for you?

All your accounting data regarding sales, purchase, return, etc.  is kept updated, and the application automatically generates account statements, balance sheets, and VAT summary.

Loyalty points, discounts, coupons etc. are powerful tools to attract customers as they will have the monetary benefit and get items at a lower price when they buy them from your store.

As all the operations get automated you will be able to save your costs required in manual entry of transactions, preparing ledgers, and do accounting.

With automation not only the cost but time also reduces. The time required to deal with customers will decrease as the cashier will be able to conduct the transaction and generate the bill at a faster pace.

Correct decision making is essential for taking the business in the correct direction. We provide you with comprehensive reports that can track the areas of retail that require attention.