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Bakery Management System

As your bakery shop grows, the bakery management system’s requirement increases. It becomes tough to manage all your customers manually. Therefore, with automation, you will be able to serve more customers in lesser time.

Websys bakery management system is a proficient application that supports businesses to serve their customers better.

Besides the bakery shop, our software is best suited for these following shops as well.

The application is available on the desktop as well as mobile phones. Our prime focus was to design it in such a way that it can be used by anyone and learned within no time. To make this possible, we have kept the user interface simple and straightforward, where all features are easy to find.

In addition, we have included a customer retention feature. You can generate discounts, coupons, and give reward points to customers. Such options can lure buyers into choosing you above other shops.

With Websys, your business will not only experience lesser efforts for maintenance, but it will also help you to expand at a remarkable rate.

Key Features of Websys

Key Features of Websys Retail Management system


Customer Relationship Management

CRM has features such as issuing item-wise discounts for customers and generating coupons of different amounts that you can give out to customs.
customers grouping

Loyalty program

Your customers will earn points every time they make a purchase. You will decide the number of points a customer gets as per the purchase amount. Further, you need to choose the monetary value of points.

Retargeting using Bulk messages

Websys Bulk messaging reduces the requirement of approaching every customer individually. You can send the message by directly targeting the entire customer group.
customers relationship management

POS with a straightforward interface

The POS application has all its features available on one screen. Because of that, it is easy to find the required one. One can learn using it in no time.

Peripheral support

The sweet shop pos can connect with the barcode scanner, weighing machine, customer display, and billing printer.

Create your organization structure

Using our bakery management software, you can generate head office and create its branches, which indicate all your bakery shops.

Keep a check on the stock in real-time

One can view the stock using the dashboard itself under the stock section. This way, you will know whenever an inventory product is about to finish.
track business

No Need for Manual GST Computation

Computing GST manually can be a tiresome task. With the Websys bakery management system, you can automate the GST computation. All you require is adding the period for which you want to compute GST.
add users

Advanced-level Reports

Our bakery management system will provide you with advanced-level reports, which will give you complete details of all your business aspects. This is useful in decision making.

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All that WebSys

All that WebSystem Retail Management System Offers

pos systems for retail

Conducting sales through our bakery management system is easier than any other POS system for bakery. You can keep track of each transaction easily. A customer just needs to provide the cashier with the product. After that, the cashier can simply scan the barcode to add it to the cart. To know more about the function of bakery POS system, check out this page.

retail pos

While adding a product, you can define all its features. Websys bakery management POS can efficiently manage the purchase as well as purchase the return of the product. Through our shop management system, you can define its pricing, discount, etc. Check out all the salient features here.

electronic store pos system

Websys offers an advanced-level bakery management system which can track all your bakery products. With our bakery POS system, you can categorize your cakes, biscuits, pastries, etc. under a different category and also assign an expiry date for them. To know more about the feature of our bakery management software, click here.

billing software for retail shop

There are many features offered by Websys bakery management system, which can help to retain customers. You can define loyalty points, send them greeting messages, run promotions and discounts, and much more!

While adding a product to the bakery management system, you can define its retail price, MRP, and discounted price. Therefore, with different situations, the cashier can choose to go with different prices. Further, Websys bakery POS system allows setting an exclusive discounted price for exclusive customers.

retail billing software

Websys bakery management software shows reports and business analytics, giving in-depth knowledge of the functioning of the business. It provides an idea about the growth of various aspects of your retail business. Further, you can even check the outstanding payment reports and conduct tax analysis through our shop management feature. Here is the entire list of reports we offer.

Retail Management System

Websys bakery management system’s robust security features keep the data safe from external threats. You can even choose to limit employee access while using the POS system for the bakery. The employee will only be allowed to go through the data associated with his job role. This will avoid unnecessary data leakage.

retail pos system

Websys bakery POS contains registers that keep all the information associated with different business aspects. There are separate registers for all your elements, which give thorough learning of business processes. You can check the list of registers here.

Retail Management System

It is essential to conduct accounting for your bakery shop. To save your costs and efforts in accounting, Websys bakery POS brings you accounting features along with your retail management features. Now, you won’t need to rely on software for accounting needs. Read more to know all our accounting features.

POS for clothing store

Websys, bakery management system, has an inbuilt GST calculator. You can calculate the total GST amount by adding the start date and end date. Further, you can track the tax amount using the tax analysis report.

store management software

You can create multiple companies through our bakery management system. For multiple companies, you can assign different employees and provide them with user-rights as per their job roles. You also have the option of conducting stock transfer from one company to another company.

store management software

One of the significant features of our bakery POS system is its easy-to-use interface. The interface is smartly bifurcated into multiple menu options. This gives ease to a user to find the required option and configure it.

Retail Management System support

We provide premium support to all our clients. When you purchase our Websys bakery management system, you get implementation and configuration service for free.

In addition to the above-mentioned services, we also conduct training for all your staff members to make them familiar with our bakery POS. Whenever you face any issue, we will be at your service.

Websys mobile application

Websys mobile application can help the owners to keep a close eye on their business. The owner will know about every transaction taking place and learn about the business transaction in real-time. He can also access the necessary reports and business information through our mobile application.

How our application will be helpful for you?

The cashier just needs to scan the barcode of the product, and the product, along with the amount, is added to the cart. He can quickly add discounts, change the return policy for a product, and use any feature without requiring much time in finding it.

You get all the features with our shop management software, which are necessary for customer retention. You can generate personalized discounts, offer rewards on every purchase to every customer, and what not!

Decision making becomes accurate when one used the Websys shop management system. Our reports will reflect how your business is performing, and on that basis, you can make decisions related to multiple aspects.

The Cost Encrypt Method to let your employees know the cost price of an item. The alphabet denotes a number, and you can decide which alphabet should indicate which number. This will allow the salesperson to know the cost price and set the discount accordingly.

You can keep records of your employees, suppliers, agents, salesman, and workers organized and segmented under different sections. This will help you to gather the required information whenever you need it.